My favorite Florida attorney, Elliot Miller, will be facing a real attorney as opposing counsel. If you recall, Elliot Miller sold a Brevard County man a defective clock. When the man left negative feedback on Miller’s eBay account, Miller sued him. The man ended up spending $7000 in attorney’s fees and when he ran out of money, continued the case pro se. Meanwhile, Miller had his wife represent him. Odd, he seems like the type of person who would have himself as a client.

     But this article brings good news. Tony Hernandez, a local attorney, has agreed to fight Miller pro bono. “I didn’t like the fact that he was being bullyragged into this lawsuit,” Hernandez said. Don’t mess with an attorney who says ‘bullyragged’ in an interview. He is not to be bullyragged. The title of the article says that Hernandez is exploring a countersuit (though the actually article doesn’t mention it) so Miller might be getting bullyragged himself pretty soon. Bullyragged.

     I wish Mr. Hernandez good luck and I hope that he bullyrags the hell out of Elliot Miller. More importantly, I want to thank Mr. Hernandez for introducing me to the word ‘bullyrag’. I am pretty sure it is my new favorite word.

Stephen Burch

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