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     That’s the question posed by this Washington Post article, after a nine-year-old hacked into his school’s computer system. I am a senior software engineer, and I’m not sure I would know how to hack into a computer system. I am certain that at the age of nine, I didn’t even know what hacking into a computer system meant. But the world is changing. My kids have a hard time understanding why we can’t fast-forward through commercials when we’re watching live TV. They use my iPhone to get on the Internet while we are on road trips. They are immersed in technology. While older people are frightened of new technology, kids embrace it. It makes me feel old (well, that and being old). But the best news from the story, since the kid didn’t do any real damage, the police aren’t going to press charges.

Stephen Burch

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I wasn’t sure how to actually start writing a blog, so I figured I could start with a purpose statement; to set my mind going in the right direction. So here it goes: to discuss issues where software and the law intersect, document my journey of trying to complete law school while maintaining a job as a full time software developer, and (hopefully) document my transition from engineer to lawyer.

Will this change over time? Will I ever write a second post? If I do will anyone notice? Who knows, but I do know that if I can’t express my ideas and thoughts to myself, how could I possibly convey them to clients, judges or juries? Even if no one besides myself ever reads this, at least I will have a place to hone my communication skills and share topics of interest to me.

And, to be honest, there is a secondary purpose; to put my name out there. One day I hope to start my own law practice. Yet, I have always worked for someone else. It seems safer that way. Many times I have thought of starting a blog, but I never did. Fear of rejection and fear of no one caring has kept me from actually following through. Better to play it safe, I figured. But no more playing it safe! So here it is, my thoughts, ideas, and opinions, signed with my name, for the entire world to see.


Stephen Burch

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